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specializing in custom fursuits, ears, and tails !!

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Custom fursuits

Have a character you'd like to bring to life? I create handcrafted, custom fursuits catered to your personal specifications. Availability for this type of commission slot is open on a very limited basis, however, free quotes are always available via DM or email! Starting prices can be found within my TOS, linked below:

Headband ears

Custom made posable, fluffy, animal ears! Price mostly depends on design complexity, and I am currently CLOSED for these kinds of commissions, but quotes are always welcome. Places you can reach me at are linked both above and below:

Belt loop tails

I can do any species, any length, any design! Price varies mostly on the number of colors + design complexity. I am currently OPEN for these commissions, but only for colors I have readily available. Just reach out on any of my platforms for quotes & coms!

custom handpaws

My handpaws automatically come “puffy” style, meaning they’re stuffed with polyfil in both the fingers and paw pads. They also come fully lined, meaning no exposed fur backing or polyfil, and are cuffed at the end with your choice of color. More examples of my paws (and other fursuit work) can be found over on my instagram page!

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